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Why you need to watch Sex Education NOW

Season 2 has now been out a little while now but people are still talking about Sex Education and it is no wonder. A series filled with charmingly awkward teenage encounters paired with the tackling of serious issues - season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix is the thing to watch right now.

I, like so many others, watched season 1 and was pleasantly surprised at the raw portrayal of adolescents growing up and experiencing sexual awakenings of various levels. This teemed with its wonderful groundbreaking inclusivity and the non stop relatable humour, it really struck a cord with so many.

However brilliant and groundbreaking season 1 was, I personally feel like season 2 really kicked it up a notch. The continual development of the characters and the tackling of some really serious issues were portrayed with equal measures of respect and humour. This season felt like it had more serious moments than season 1 with tackling of things such as sexual assault, self harm and slut shaming but it also really expanded its already full vocabulary on heterosexuality and homosexuality by looking into pansexuality, bisexuality and asexuality.

Of course, the cast are remarkable, every single one of them. The show is made up of wonderful and talented actors and actresses bringing magnificently three-dimensional characters to life, whilst also complimenting each other through their shared diversity. The script writing has be praised here as well, giving even the smallest of parts the feeling of a well rounded, real character. A special mention has to go to Ncuti Gatwa. He is a real scene stealer - you can count on him to have a witty one liner at the ready and his array of facial expressions can be icing on the top of a scene.

Another great element worth mentioning is the soundtrack. Beautifully chosen and used throughout, the music adds yet another element to the series. Feeding into the nostalgic 80's high school feel, the soundtrack is equal parts peppy and thought provoking with the American singer Ezra Furman making regular appearances. A personal favourite is the use of Sufjan Stevens' Mystery of Love during a scene in season 2 episode 7; it perfectly encapsulates the myriad of emotions that we see happening and it is such a beautiful track that complements the scene perfectly.

So to conclude, if are searching for that next binge-worthy Netflix series then I thoroughly recommend Sex Education, you'll laugh, you'll be moved and you certainly won't be disappointed.

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