Why I decided to learn Violin at 24

Despite it's infamy for being one of the hardest instruments to learn, I recently took up violin and I'm going to tell you why...

If you don't already know, I started learning the violin recently. It was part of a New Years Resolution to try something new/take up a new hobby, that and paired with the fact that at primary school I was actually quite musical. I took full advantage of the free music lessons we were offered, dipping my toes into flute, clarinet, piano and I was even in the samba band for a while. Primary school ended and I lost my passion a little when I moved up to secondary school. Just surviving day to day became enough to contend with and music fell to the sidelines as I took refuge more in listening to music than playing it.

Despite this, music has always played a huge part in my life. There is not a genre that I dislike, apart from maybe heavy metal! I will listen to anything from classical to rock, country to pop, although I do love songs that tell a story and are heartfelt. I will listen to the charts, but my love is discovering songs through film or more obscure means.

But onto the violin! I began this year with the determination to try something new, take on a hobby and rekindle my love of music whilst also having a creative outlet. I've always been fascinated by the violin. The sound it can produce (when played correctly!) is beautiful and it can fit into many different genres, not just classical.

As well as this, I wanted to learn an instrument that was portable, challenging and beautiful. Violin fit all those for me! I have now been playing for only just over a month and it has been such a learning curve! You really don't understand all the things that go into playing the violin until you start learning it yourself!

For me, learning the violin has been a great decision. Apart from it being a good thing to learn something new as an adult, it also is great for my anxiety as I have to really concentrate and focus when I am practicing, taking my mind off any anxieties I may have. I would always recommend music, whether that is listening or playing, as a great anxiety buster.

I'm hoping to keep you updated on my progress as I (hopefully!) improve and be sure to let me know if you play an instrument and what you love about it!

Lucy x