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Top brands/retailers for tall women's clothes

At almost 5’ 11’’ I have always struggled with finding clothes that fit my proportions, especially jeans! I know this struggle is felt by people of all shapes and size, finding clothes that actually fit can be a euphoric moment! But for all my tall ladies it can be especially hard to find companies that do tall clothes in styles that are cute, practical and comfy.

So today after many years of trying different brands out, I have compiled a list of the best brands that either do a tall section or are especially designed with taller ladies in mind. Let’s go!


First up we have Long Tall Sally. Designed specifically for women 5’ 8’’ and above, they do not just add inches to leg lengths, but craft each item specifically with a taller frame in mind. Although occasionally on the pricey side, they do have some really nice things and everything I’ve had from there has been very good quality and fits well. In terms of leg length they go from 32 to 38 inches, so plenty of room for all heights!

Check them out here!


So, we all know the giant online retailer that is ASOS. But did you also know they do an extensive tall section? As well as their own brand, they have Newlook, Topshop, Missguided and more! With clothes designed for women over 5’ 9’’ they have something for everyone! It is now also home to my coveted Topshop jeans, so it’s definitely a frequently visited site for me! Plus there are always sales going on, so you can pick up some real bargins!

Check them out here!


Another highstreet shop I like to browse is Newlook. They too have a pretty large tall collection with leg lengths up to 36’’ inch inside leg. A bit on the cheaper side than the other two, you can find some gems if you take the time to filter through some of the 300 plus items on there.

Check them out here!


Another worthy mention comes for Next. Although perhaps not instantly thought of by my age group, they have a tall section online that again there are some gems to found if you do a little bit of searching and reading of reviews. They seem to have various names for lengths which appear suitable for women up to around 5’ 10’’/5’ 11’’. With a quick look today there are some really cute summer dresses!

Check them out here!

I’m sure there are many more out there, but these are my list of go-to brands/retailers when I am looking for specifically ‘tall’ clothes. Let me know who your favourite/go-to retailers are when searching for clothes – have you found a company that just seem to ‘fit’ your body type?

Lucy xx

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