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The Umbrella Academy season 2 review

It's finally here. Our waiting has finally paid off. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is on Netflix and it's everything we have come to love from the dysfunctional family.

So you have now had over a week to polish off the long anticipated season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. Maybe you've watched it more than once, I even heard of someone that watched it all in ONE DAY. That is commitment. So let's jump right into the whirlpool of the Hargreeves family...

SPOILERS - lets be honest, there are going to be spoilers and I don't want anyone coming for me, so fair warning!

Now for a brief overview, season 1 ended with the siblings escaping the apocalypse caused by their sister Vanya through Five's ability to time travel. However this goes slightly wrong for him (again) and the beginning of season 2 starts with them landing across three years in the 1960's. Five quickly finds out that the apocalypse has followed them, albeit of a different variety and that once again, they do not have very long to stop it.

Credit: Netflix

Characters & cast

Now you might read that and think - oh well it's going to be just more of the same then? Wrong. The introduction of new characters and new 'lives' the Hargreeves have built whilst in the 60's keeps the show fresh and entertaining. For me this is one of the best things about season 2; the character arcs. I fell in love with every single character a bit more in this season. I mean I was already in love with Klaus, who isn't? (Don't we all want to secretly be a member of Destiny's Children?) But in these 10 episodes we are shown even more of their personal strengths and weaknesses and how they have developed, as well as exploring elements touched on in season 1. Vanya, for example, who is somewhat sidelined until the latter part of season one, is explored much more deeply here, and her amnesia allows her to almost begin again with her siblings. We even get to see a fun side to her!

Aidan Gallagher as Number Five also does a sterling job. He was good in season 1, but he just steps it up here. Five's consistently sarcastic undertones make for amusing watching and they make his sincere moments extra poignant. Aidan seems to have mastered this subtle comedy and he is really a joy to watch. We also get to see Klaus and Dave interact once again. Only really touched on in season 1 I was looking forward to seeing how things would play out. It is as tragic as we might assume, perhaps even more so; one particularly emotional scene between Klaus and a young Dave may have even caused me shed a tear. Of course, Robert Sheehan's acting is as usual, superb. He perfectly embodies the chaotic, but lovable, slightly narcissistic persona of Klaus that we have all come to love. We even see more of Ben, whose relationship with Klaus is equally comedic and heart warming. Ben's final sacrifice for his siblings is also one of the tear jerker moments of the season, bringing Ben's extreme love and loyalty for his family into sharp focus. It should be made clear, that the entire cast is brilliant; the character arcs of each are important in their own right and it feels like the whole cast have grown into their characters even more.

For me though, the stand out character development has to be David Castañeda as the 'point-to-prove' hero Diego. I was almost indifferent to Diego's character in season 1 (I know!), but in season 2 he made me laugh, he made me cry and I loved his relationships with his siblings and Lila (an excellent addition to the cast by the way). Another quietly beautiful scene for me was when Diego got to meet Ben through Klaus. It could have gone in so many different ways, but I'm glad it was played out like it was. Again, it exposes Diego's sensitive side and tugs at the heart strings as we imagine what might have been. But, yes Diego - you are a hero.


The soundtrack of season 1 really made the show for me. It was used both subtly and overtly, and highlighted scenes in just the right way. The same is true of the 2nd season. I was definitely one of those people that hopped straight onto spotify to scout out the soundtrack. Although episode 1 was potentially too reliant on music, almost coaxing us into feeling a certain emotion, the overall use is great, complimenting but not overpowering the excellent acting. Let's be honest, the soundtrack has been on repeat since I watched it and did the use of My Kullsvik's Swedish cover of Adele's 'Hello' actually make me feel sorry the The Swedes?

Lessons to be taken away?

I love a series set in a moment in history, because if done well it can be really satisfying to see how specifics of that show fit with historical accuracy, or not of course. For me what each character ended up doing in the sixties fit so well with their personalities, with Diego in an asylum as extremely comical in my opinion. But Season 2 of Umbrella Academy also becomes really quite relevant to 2020 with Allison's storyline of her involvement in the fight against segregation and police brutality. Some of the scenes are so powerful that you almost forget what the main storyline is. Emmy Raver-Lampman is perfect as the strong, but often conflicted Allison. She is really able to bring those inner conflicts to the surface so the audience can understand exactly what she is feeling, whether that be anger, love or frustration. The 'fight' between Klaus and Ben is also worth mentioning as a brilliant scene set to an iconic Backstreet Boys moment. Not only a CGI win, although they are 'fighting' here, it is hard to imagine Klaus without Ben to have his back. They balance each other and Ben acts as a listening ear for Klaus's interior monologue, with silence really Klaus's loudest statement.

Credit: Netflix

So in conclusion, I loved season 2 of The Umbrella Academy! It is witty, exciting, heart warming at times and a touch crazy, but I don't think I'd have it any other way. There is way too much to discuss in one post, I really only touched the surface! If you have any scenes that particularly stood out for you, feel free to drop them below!

Lucy x

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