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How to create a Winter Wellbeing routine

The clocks have gone back, the nights are long and there is a distinctive chill to the air. Winter is setting in and for some it can be a trickier time to maintain a sense of wellbeing. Therefore, it's a perfect time to create a winter wellbeing routine!

Those cold evenings and dark mornings can get even the most optimistic, cheery people down in the dumps so it's a perfect time to shake up your wellbeing routine. So grab a cuppa, get cosy and read on to create the perfect winter wellbeing routine!

Get outside

I advocate this in nearly every mental health or wellbeing post, but it is so critical for me. Even though it's colder and getting darker earlier, it is so important to get outside, get some fresh air in your lungs and move your body. It doesn't have to be a hike, it could be doing half an hour of gardening, or sitting in your local green space. Anything to get you out the house, and if it incorporates exercise, even better!

Shake up your skincare routine

Our skin needs different things in the winter than it might in summer. For me, my skin can get really dry and sensitive due to the cold winds, heating in the house and the rapid changes in temperature. Because of this I use a heavier moisturiser in winter, adding in soothing face masks and anything with moisturising and calming properties. Make sure you remember a good lip balm too! Chapped lips are no fun!

Try to stay healthy

It might be tempting to choose less healthy foods now the days are really cold, but try your best to still choose healthy options. This will make you feel better in the long term, maintaining a balanced diet will help avoid the crashes in energy which can lead to low mood. Also remember over the festive period to try and drink in moderation, drinking too much can cause low mood as well.

Book some festive/winter events into the diary

It's always nice to have things to look forward too, particularly when the days feel so short. So, make a note of some events you would like to go to, book cinema tickets, arrange to meet friends and so on. However, do not burn yourself out, it's okay to say no to people as well. With something like Christmas and New Year, there is a pressure to be social and happy all the time, but it doesn't mean you are failing if you just want some space and quiet time to yourself.

Go easy on the social media

As with every holiday, the festive period will take over social media. Try to limit your time on social media to avoid comparing your real life to others projection of their life. Be careful not to compare yourself to others, remember you don't have to happy all the time over the festive period.

Remember to go easy on yourself over winter, it can be a tough time for many and it is important to be kind to yourself as well as others.

Lucy x

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