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A little bit of positivity...

So the world is pretty grim right now. We are being told to stay indoors, only go out if we really have to, stay away from our friends and family and people are very sadly losing their lives. But is there any positivity to take from this unprecedented period in our lives?

*Firstly, I want to highlight that by trying to take some positivity from the horrible things that are going on in the world right now, I do not want to trivialise them at all. However, I think we all need a little good news right about now, so if you want a little bit of positive thinking, read on...*

So, over the last few weeks I have seen the very worst of humanity, but I have also seen the very best. I have witnessed some disgusting behaviour in supermarkets, well, all I can say to those people is you should be, and I hope you are, incredibly ashamed of yourselves. However, I have also seen how kind and understanding people can be and how adaptive we really are as a species. Things have changed so much and so quickly, that it is easy to feel a little shell shocked! So, in the vein of positivity I thought I would share a few good things that may come from these dark times.


The biggest thing I've noticed recently is, although there are a few exceptions, the kindness of humanity has come to the forefront. From the rainbows in windows, to acts of complete selflessness, people are pulling together, helping each other out and being appreciative of the little things. Something that does come from hardship is the extra things you took for granted before become luxuries and we could all take something from that. I hope people continue to show their best sides in the weeks and months to come, standing on my doorstep and hearing my street clap and cheer for our wonderful NHS workers was truly beautiful.

The environment

Nature and the environment has also picked up recently due to the lack of people. There are less cars on the roads, less people in the streets and less planes in the sky. We have all seen the stories of goats wandering down high streets, dolphins coming much further into shore than normal and personally I have seen so many more butterflies recently!

However, the long term environment crisis may be being forgotten in these trying times, but for now perhaps it will remind people just have wonderful nature can be if given the chance. I would also thoroughly recommend that people get outside and enjoy the nature on their doorstep, even if that is just watching the clouds for 10 minutes, you don't have to go far to feel the benefit of being outside.

Working from home

I have been working from home now for a couple of weeks. It certainly took some getting used to, and due to not living on my own, does have its challenges. However, again it has its positives, quite a few actually. Whereas it may take me on a good day 30 minutes to get to work, I can have those extra 30 mins in bed!Then when I'm done working I don't have to sit in the horrendous rush hour traffic to get home after a long day already. I'm saving money on fuel and reducing my carbon footprint, and have all my home comforts to hand. I can wear my comfy tracksuit bottoms and slippers if I want too and be generally more flexible in my working day. And that is what I think is a positive thing about this, people are having to learn to be more flexible. Companies are having to learn to accommodate a different working style, and I think for a lot of places after this, they will have a new 'normal'.

I know there will be other positives to take from these months, but we can also not forget the loss that is being felt around the world right now, nor the amazing, dedicated and selfless NHS staff, carers and essential workers that are keeping us going. Thank you.

Stay kind & stay safe,

Lucy xxx

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