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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Oh hey! Thank you for joining me! It's Lucy here, the introvert on a mission to explore and experience as much as I can of what world has to offer! 


For me writing has always been an emotional outlet for my anxiety. It helps me to write my thoughts and feelings down and here's hoping it might also help someone else. On Lucy Writes you will find my thoughts and feelings on the things I feel most passionate about. Mostly, this will be mental health and wellbeing, travel, lifestyle and things I have tried out or ways I've found to be a better earthling.  


I currently work full time as a Communications Assistant after studying English Literature at uni, but I hope one my writing will be more than a hobby. In the meantime, read, be critical, be brilliant. 

For all PR enquiries or to just say hello, please fill out the form below!

Love Lucy xx

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